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Why Candor


Beyond offering clarity on our value proposition, we help articulate clarity for our customers on their competitive advantage today and in future; and on what manpower, learning, technology and compliance changes they may need to make to develop and maintain not just competitive advantage but market supremacy, going forward


Our journey with our clients doesn’t end upon leasing the most suitable candidate(s) for their requirement, in fact it begins there. As a proactive solutions provider we partner with client organizations in implementing cutting edge learning, technology and other business differentiators essential to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace


All our business processes are meticulously structured to align with both standard industry best practices as well those prescribed by our clients. We are 100% compliant on all regulatory requirements related to employee recruitment, training, development, payroll and employment administration and employee benefits management including healthcare and retirement benefits


We continuously innovate to provide greater benefits to our employees. For instance, we secured bank accounts for our employees with attending overdraft and loan facilities, even before the Jan Dhan Yogna was announced by the government. In a first of its kind effort, we even provided farmers regular employment by partnering with a client. Now these farmers are not dependent on the vagaries of weather, nor are they plagued by seasonal unemployment. They are proud employees of a company, with bank accounts, regular income, and yet continue to do agriculture


Women employees make up almost 40% of our staff. Through true empowerment, we seek to provide enhanced quality of life for our employees, especially those who need it most.