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Technology Solutions

Technology consulting, Software development, System Integration and Testing Solution accelerate to enable faster time-to-market. At Candor

  • We actively picking up on the key enabling technologies for industry 4.0: Sensors, Algorithms for advanced analytics, Cloud , Mobility
  • We have developed proven solutions and applications in the areas of artificial intelligence and IoT
  • We enable customers accelerate their transformation towards industry 4.0 and stay in par with their competition

Our Services

A umbrella term coined by the Germans to highlight the confluence of Internet of Things (IoT) in modern day manufacturing practices promotes an enterprise view of data and networking of systems to ensure collaboration not only across internal departments, but also between partners across value chains.

Industry 4.0 is widely expected to transform production from isolated, optimized cells to a fully integrated, automated, and optimized production flow, leading to greater efficiency and changing traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers—as well as between human and machine.

Our offerings for the future industry:

1. Sensors

  • Enable retrofit of sensors for machines/tools manufactured.
  • Enable connectivity from sensors with the backend

2. Analytics – Self health monitoring

  • Collect data from sensors back into a server
  • Processing and analytics on the data collected using deep machine learning and pattern recognition technologies, over cloud
  • Remotely monitor health of machines/tools across different locations and receive alerts and notifications
  • Detect abnormalities before customer notices and identify root cause for failures for corrective measures

3. Insights as a service to customers

  • Implementation of advanced machine vision and machine learning algorithms
  • Software development for new applications based on requirements from customers

4. New Applications Development

  • Provide useful insights to customers based on analytics, for improving efficiency

5. Connectivity

  • Enable connectivity among factory assets using M2M communication protocols

 Candor ensures the benefits of

  • Connect disparate assets and processes in the factory
  • Monitor and track health of factory assets
  • Enable predictive maintenance
  • Reports and dashboards for different stakeholders in the factories for quick decision making
  • Reduce downtime, improve productivity and reduce costs

With an eye to improve Blue Collar employees productivity, Candor helps in getting shop floor solutions. There will be a mobile application which can potentially change the shop floor functions and improve the productivity of blue collar workers. The App will also help management to know the real time analytics of factory measurements including

  • Downtime
  • Reasoning
  • Quick fixes
  • Job trail

for continuous improvement of shop floor processes and thereby achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Candor takes a constant effort in converting your warehouse to smart warehouse with its warehouse solutions. The solution consists of the following process

  • Material Inward process
  • Material Outward process
  • Changes required in the process

In Inward process

  1. The materials inward will be barcoded and GRN is entered in ERP system and material count will be captured from application
  2. At the Bin/ Warehouse- Person who reaches will be captured with RFID and IP Camera
  3. Supervisor will approve material inward from the place with an Application in his Tab
  4. Reports will be provided on
    • Physical stock
    • Image / videos who entered the location and bin area with / without Tab

In Outward process

  1. Each Tab and Person will have RFID
  2. On successful reaching the location, persons without Tab will be captured and alert will be provided
  3. UHF reader at the location captures the person and Tab ID and also his movement with IP Camera
  4. Reports will be provided on
    • Physical stock
    • Image / videos who entered the location and bin area with / without Tab
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