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Helping Fine Tune Performance, Reduce Business Risk,

Adhering to industry standards and being compliant helps fine tune performance, reduce business risk, become more sustainable and encourages innovation. In addition, standards lay out good practice for carrying out a whole range of services and the processes and systems that underpin them. They also help build a work environment and organization culture essential for delivery of high quality services, consistently and over longer term.

In an increasingly interconnected global marketplace, standards help establish a common language and while accurately defining service requirements, customer expectations and recognized terms and definitions. They also reduce the risks that might hit customers, such as data security vulnerabilities, and help you work seamlessly with supply chains and trade partners, whether in the same region or on the other side of the world.

By ensuring that client organizations abide by and implement industry specific standards & regulatory compliances we help them secure corporate reputation and business risk.

Our specialist standards compliance programs focus on:

  • Auditing processes
  • Measuring compliance
  • Recommendations for deviations noted
  • Workforce training & empathy development

Presently, we offer compliance programs for:

HR Service Management

Candor offers internal audit checks for its customers at regular monthly, quarterly or annual intervals, depending on the client requirements.

We study each component of every HR service management, share our audit findings, put forward our recommendations and suggest necessary actions. The components may vary from one industry to the other, some of them being common such as:

  • Process – Includes attendance, salary, wage slips etc.
  • Compliance – Includes PF governance, ESI governance, Service Tax governance etc.
  • Reports – Dashboards, Data integration reports etc.
  • Training – Includes process training, performance improvement training etc.

Our systematic approach to every audit includes an as-is analysis of contractors’ work, requirement analysis, evaluation of improvement potentials and presentation of audit results.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, an umbrella term coined by the Germans to define the growing influence of Internet of Things (IoT) in modern day manufacturing practices, calls for an enterprise view of data and networking of systems to ensure collaboration not only across internal departments, but also between partners across value chains.

With Industry 4.0,

  • 3D Printing/Additive manufacturing: It will be widely used to produce small batches of customized products that offer construction advantages, such as complex, lightweight designs. High-performance, decentralized additive manufacturing systems will reduce transport distances and stock on hand. Robotics: Beyond mechanical arms on assembly lines, intelligent robots will take on more sophisticated roles beyond rote assembly. Actual production can now be brought closer to the source without needing to outsource work overseas and it may even be possible to design and administer the production of goods from mobile devices
  • Mobile, anywhere, anytime computing: Shopfloor managers, running an ERP system from a smartphone, can manage automated manufacturing remotely
  • Big Data Analytics: Availability of data on all aspects of product development, production and testing adds a new dimension to manufacturing, enabling more targeted innovation, marketing and decision making.
  • Simulation: With all this big data and compute power from the cloud, virtual modeling of product scenarios will enable rapid testing and therefore more innovation -- failing fast will be very rapid and very cheap in virtual worlds.

Competency Mapping & Training Programs

Nurturing your employees desire to grow as professionals and imbibe new skills directly converts to a happy work force and strong business performance. Given that needs of each employee varies; we individually assess employee competency levels before packaging training programs that are relevant to both the employee and the organization.

Competency Mapping & Training Programs we specialize on are:

  • Competency mapping
    • Training conducted to align the right talent in the organisation structure
    • Training conducted to define specific roles, jobs and positions
  • Segmented training
    • Training conducted for prospective women leaders
    • Training conducted for high-potential employees
    • Training conducted to mentor a prospective trainer
  • Project management
    • Training on project planning
    • Training on contingency planning
  • Holistic alternative programs
    • Training on guided meditation

Our clients swear by us because we:

  • Understand client requirements accurately and customise programs to suit their needs
  • Have years of experience in nurturing talent and understand what will work and wont
  • Our training programs are proven on the field every day


Some of our clients who we have served with our learning and knowledge programs are listed below.